Life happens. Parents, keep on trucking.

May 5, 2009


I recently read a great blog post that said trust your intuition because kids don’t come with parenting manuals. I agree, there’s no instructional booklet, insurance or map that show the “best” way get from A to B (by A to B, I mean baby to 18!). That’s why, normally, I would feel a bit […]

Steady on the Downhills: 3 Things We SHOULD NOT DO as Parents

April 21, 2009


When parenting, it’s super easy to veer off track and hit the ditch. Yelling- grouchy, stressed-whatever. I’ve been following the Parenting on Track home course for about 3 months and I’ve come to realize there are a few now-obvious reactions I should NOT do when a kid is driving me mad. 1.    DO NOT use […]

Slip Sliding the Slippery Slope…

April 10, 2009


Slip Sliding the Slippery Slope There couldn’t be a better time to test out the slippery-slope theory. It’s April, it’s the 9th month of winter in VT, and ain’t nobody riding a unicorn in the soft, sunny beach sands of life. (If you are, don’t tell me about it, ok Charlieeee?). Take my neighborhood for […]

Do NOT feed the weed.

April 6, 2009


Spring’s here. And you know what sounds are popping up everywhere I turn? Whining, yelling, whining, yelling. We’re sick of being inside. We’re mad at each other for crowding personal space. We’re annoyed that there’s not much motivation flying around. We need some sunshine. Take a peek outside—I see little buds breaking through. It’s spring. […]

Bite Me! (How did I get in this rabbit hole?)

April 1, 2009


I swear I saw a white rabbit. Where’s the choco-choco candy with the words “Eat Me” written in psychedelic script? Well, ok, the rabbit doesn’t exist but the rabbit hole? OH YES IT DOES. And what does it have to do with you? Me? Anyone for that matter? It’s that place we go when we’ve […]

Got a Problem? Write it down…

March 28, 2009


And stick it on the wall! In the Family Meeting, everyone comes together to say something nice, choose contributions and solve problems. However, it’s not  a free-for all of complaints. I’m just learning how but I see it works like this: “MOMMY! He hit me…” Response: Ooh, go write that down, we’ll talk about it […]

Contributions…where do we begin? (At the bottom…of the toilet?)

March 27, 2009


Ok, so I’ll admit this is all new to me– structured contributions are still a mystery. I get the first part of Family Meeting: Appreciations. But now, I need to add weekly contributions to the mix (hear the audio clip).  How can I do that when my OWN chores are so sporadic that I can’t […]